Peruvian Power Up

image of peruvian power-up
Source of fiberSource of proteinAntioxidants

Power packed with superfoods from Peru, this snack could help you through the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. Powering through the day - piece of cake!


Almonds, Cranberry, Organic Sun-Dried Golden Inca Berry, Organic Sun-Dried White Mulberry, Cacao Nibs

per serving size: ~30 g
Amount per serving
Calories (Kcal)138.4
Protein3.4 g
Total Fat9.0 g
Saturated Fat0.5 g
Carbohydrate16.0 g
Total Sugar8.0 g
Dietary Fiber3.2 g
Sodium2.7 mg
Daily Value:
Vit C 5%, Vit B2 9%, Vit E 29%