trust our snacks
all our snacky ingredients are natural and free from artificial flavouring and colouring. they're constantly reviewed by our in-house nutritionist and tagged with easy to read health badges to suit your lifestyle.
our packaging

we've designed our packaging to take great care of your snacks while keeping the environment in mind. all our boxes and cards are made of recycled material and are 100% recyclable. our plastic packaging is also recyclable.

please remember to reuse or recycle!

snack good do good

*for every box delivered, we donate a meal through a soup kitchen to help the underprivileged and the marginalised members in society.*

One meal

our promise

boxgreen is all about nutritious snacking, so we think it’s best to keep your box close to hand. that way you can beat those 3pm junk food cravings with a perfect portion of something taste good without the guilt. with over 50 mouthwatering options to choose from, we offer something sure to please and excite everyone!

meet the team

get to know the quirky and awesome squirrels behind boxgreen!

Walter 1
Walter 2
“is constantly filled with random ideas about changing the world”
Andrew 1
Andrew 2
“one day, he hopes to grow his own food”
Fai 1
Fai 2
“everyone should choose their own adventure and stay awesome possums”
Jason 1
Jason 2
chief fulfillment officer
“as long as you are happy can already”
Iccha 1
Iccha 2
business development
“did you say dessert? no? chocolate? no? ....sorry, can't hear you!”
Alisa 1
Alisa 2
brand and partnerships
“they call me queen alisa”
Ben 1
Ben 2
business analyst
“is all about numbers 1+1=3… or maybe not”
Leah 1
Leah 2
food nutritionist
“is often caught daydreaming about food at random occasions”
Yanjie 1
Yanjie 2
digital marketing
“is always uncomfortable to define myself in a few words because...*panics*”
Wenli 1
Wenli 2
creative designer
“loves cute and quirky stuffs ok bye”
New 1
New 2
this could be you